about the artist


grew up near Cologne/Germany. Over the years she has lived in exotic places such as Morocco and Egypt, and explored lifestyles in Greece and Australia, before she relocated to the US.

“An international upbringing in conjunction with my passion for traveling heavily influences and nurtures my creative side.”


A literature translator and book editor by trade, Heike Hellmann-Brown’s work is published in Europe, the U.S., and in Africa, including more than 50 artist interviews for several North American magazines.



“As a writer I always strive to find the perfect flow of words to keep the reader engaged. The same principle applies to my artistic creations. The conflux of colors creates a story in its own – capturing attention, mesmerizing the observer, and impacting the soul while leaving a powerful and long-lasting impression.“

It runs in the family

Married to Mike Brown, one of the nation’s leading wildlife artists, Heike Hellmann-Brown resides in Venice/Florida.

“My immensely gifted husband is my greatest inspiration. Mike loves nature, and you can feel it in every brushstroke. An internationally recognized Conservation Stamp artist, Mike has received numerous awards for his realistic depictions of wildlife and the beauty of  nature. Among many other accolades Mike was named “Ducks Unlimited Sponsor Artist  of the Year” seven times and has designed several State Conservation Stamps for the Department of Natural Resources.”

exhibits, Art Marketing & Web Design

Heike Hellmann-Brown’s distinctive artwork that blends her “Southern Flair & European Style” is displayed in various galleries and exhibits. On a regular basis she conducts Art Marketing workshops; she is a business coach, a web-designer, and a public speaker.



  • Piedmont Hospital, Atlanta/GA
  • Venice Island Gallery, Venice/FL
  • Sugar Pike Market, Canton/GA
  • Buckhead Library, Atlanta/GA
  • Firefly, Alpharetta/GA
  • Atria, Alpharetta/GA
  • Avalon, Alpharetta/GA
  • Narrative, Milton/GA
  • VantagePoint Studios, Canton/GA
  • Red Brick Place, Floral City/FL